Frequently asked questions (FAQ)


Who are we?
Heimsnet is revolutionary hosting provider, able to provide cheaper hosting due to it’s customization. Heimsnet was founded in early 2019
with the goal of improving the web, we feel that Heimsnet has already achieved so but we want to go further!
“Helping you succeed in an online world.” – Heimsnet
Why choose Heimsnet?
Our flagship AMD Ryzen 5 3600 CPU is a competitor to the i7 8700K, hosting starts at just
1€/GB but most hosting providers sell the i7s for 2.5$/GB. This can be achieved by using Heimsnet’s
customized payment system which is fully discord based, automated, swift and secure.
We offer free 24/7 support through tickets and the support channels.
Our support is open to everyone not just clients.
If you’re not happy with our service or something went wrong we offer up to a full 100% refund within 24 hours.
How do I order a service?
To order a service you must first purchase credits on our store: #》balance-purchase. This should add the purchased amount to your balance which you can then use in #》discord-bot, #》budget-minecraft and #deleted-channel. If you do not receive a code please make a support ticket immediately!
If ordering a dedicated server or vps please make a ticket before making any kind of purchase through #》balance-purchase
How do I join Heimsnet Hosting?
All of our positions are currently locked, until we expand or there’s an opening we won’t be accepting applications.
What benefits do clients have at Heimsnet Hosting?
We offer exclusive benefits for our clients and partners here are they:
99.99% Uptime
DDoS Protection
High end processors
Full NVMe Storage
Full 24/7 Support
MySQL Databases
Exclusive Plugins
How much ram does Heimsnet host?
We host over 900GB of ram as it stands:




Where is the panel?
The panel and all of our main links are here:
How do i order dedicated or vps?
As of now please make a ticket in #》bot-commands by typing -new.
What is the referral program?
Our referral program states that any user will get 5% of a purchase they referred into their /bal
Only first time purchases are referred.
A claim of referral must be made within 24 hours since the referred had purchased.
You cannot refer yourself or an associate
Is Heimsnet registered?
Heimsnet Hosting is not registered as of 5/31/2020 but has already started preparing for registration.
Why do you use discord?
Rather than using WHMCS which is the premium payment module most people use onsite we decided to make our own faster and more secure payment system through discord at no cost.
What do I get as a partner?
Partners have these benefits ((depending on size)):
Premium 24/7 Support (priority)
5-30% discount on all minecraft purchases ((not dedicated))
A dedicated channel for your site or discord server.
A mention on our onsite partnership page
Partnerships role on discord
Do I get a panel with my dedicated- or virtual server?
As of now we do not offer server management panels, we’re planning on bringing in the virtualizor panel into our machines in May.
On the other hand we do offer free Pterodactyl and VestaCP setups for our clients.
I added someone as a sub-user for my hosting panel account, why haven’t they gotten an email yet?

Our email server, unlike big email providers, isn’t all that fast. Emails may take a couple of minutes to arrive (typically around 2 minutes) so be patient. If nothing has arrived within 10 minutes then please contact support and we will set the password manually.