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Start saving today, host with Heimsnet.

Heimsnet focuses on providing everyone with high quality hosting at low prices and we're always open to new fresh ideas. Our name depicts our will to expand as the word "Heimsnet" is a combination of the Icelandic words "heimur" and "net" which respectively mean "world" and "net" in English. This makes our name mean "Worldnet" directly which, again, represents our will to expand.

Our mission statement

Like mentioned before, Heimsnet wants to bring everyone quality hosting, and we do that with our low low prices. Heimsnet makes around 5 – 8 times less than traditional hosting providers to stay true to this mission statement.  Despite this we are still willing to expand further into more and more types of hosting ultimately bringing everyone a better internet. 

Made possible by people

All of this is possible thanks to all the people involved in Heimsnet. All of the hosting support staff, the system administrators, the managers, the executives and then of course the community and customers.


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Icelandic expertise

Heimsnet was started and is still run by professionals from the island of Icleand. Iceland has some of the strictest privacy laws in the world so if your server is in Iceland your data has that extra 200% data security.
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Services and Experience

Why Choose Us

Reliable datacentres

The datacentres we operate and work with are picked with 2 things in mind; green energy and service reliability.

Rapid deployment

The size of your project should not be a problem for we're able to deploy over 200 machines at a time within minutes!

Modern Techniques

Work with the future, not the past.
  • New Hardware
  • 24/7 Support
  • Universal Availability
  • 99.99% Uptime SLA
  • Automatic renewals

Custom solutions

We develop our own fully tested and working software for billing to ensure maximum client security.

Scalable infrastructure

Worrying about how much memory you may need? Need to Downgrade? Upgrade? Don't, you're always able to scale your instance later on.
Questions and Answers

General FAQs

These are our most frequently asked questions, if you don’t find what you’re looking for then you can check the FAQ page or ask us directly via our Discord server.

You order services with Heimsnet by purchasing balance and then using that balance on services via either the Discord server or the billing panel. This way you can set yourself a monthly budget that then is used to auto renew each of your owned services.

You can make a ticket in our Discord server by sending "-new" in the Bot-commands channel. Then a new "ticket" channel will be made for you where you can ask questions directly to support members and they will resolve them.

At Heimsnet we do partner with other people & companies, namely Minecraft servers, YouTubers and Discord servers, but unless you have a very large audience size then we don't partner with someone for exposure. If you feel you meet the criteria for a partnership then make a support ticket in our Discord server. Please do NOT contact any staff member directly regarding partnerships.

No we do not have any web related hosting, if you are looking for web related hosting and you want it to be with Heimsnet then you can set up a VPS with us and a host a website with it. This not only gives you more control but is also optimal for performance and expansion of your website and allows you to host multiple websites on the cheap.

Our Team Members

Key people

These are people that made Heimsnet a reality. Without them there would be no cheap hosting at ridiculously low pricing.

Leifur Steinn (Iceey)
Managing director
Kjartan (George)
Managing director
Nathan G
Technical director
Cooper H (Unfazed)
Operations director