About Us

Who are we?

From a development group to a hosting provider Heimsnet has seen it all. We started hosting back in February 2020 and have since then grown to be one of the largest and most reputable providers in our industry. 

We’ve been there for our clients since the start and will continue on further, helping you succeed in an online world.

Why we are different

Heimsnet doesn’t just promise affordable, quality services; we deliver, and in style! With our guaranteed 99.99% service uptime and vigorous bleeding edge hardware we never underperform. 

We’ve proven ourselves to be one of the best in the industry and are only going to improve.

Feedback Cooperation

We make sure that our community gets want they want with our feedback cooperation program.

5 second setup

From ordering through PayPal to a server at your disposal takes only 5 seconds with our custom solutions.

High end hardware

Our services arrive only with the best performing hardware such as AMD's Ryzen 9 3900 or Intel's i9 9900K.

Custom software

We make sure that our customers have the upmost data security with out custom made billing software.

The executives


Managing director


Administrative director

Nathan G

technical director