Ryzen 9 3900 Line Put on Hold.

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Unfortunately, our ‘Ryzen 9 3900’ line will be placed on hold. This is due to a problem with Hetzner’s fiber cable not performing up to our very high standards. The node was in Finland and was being redirected via fiber cable to Germany. This would add at least 30ms extra ping to you no matter where you lived. We are getting around this by waiting until our node gets moved to the more reliable and more efficient data-center in Germany. Temporarily, we are going to be moving everyone back to our ‘Ryzen 5 3600’ node. You will see a very slim performance difference as the nodes are almost identical. We will not be over-allocating our current nodes, we are purchasing two NEW nodes. As soon as Hetzner notifies us that it is safe to move back onto the ‘Ryzen 9 3900’ node, we will do so fast and efficiently.

Warm regards,
Cooper Hale

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