Introducing; NodeFeed. May, 2020.

Hey! Iceey here and welcome to NodeFeed, this is where me & the management team will talk about our dedicated server investments, uptime and reforms for each month and or week. Today It’s May so let’s see what it has in store for us.

Pre-existent nodes:

The first node of the month was our beautiful Premium EU i9 9900K, DDR4 Memory and 2TB of NVMe masterpiece. This was and still is a BEAST and I mean a BEAST, roaming at around 4.6GHz and 5% total CPU usage meanwhile being completely full. The node sold out in 5 whopping hours. – We are so stoked to have seen this happen and are planning on expanding the line with more locations.

The 2nd and floppiest node of the month goes to our newly acquired Ryzen 9 3900, DDR4 ECC Memory and 4TB of NVMe networking disaster in Finland, running at just 250mbps in and out. We had to get rid of it fortunately because we just couldn’t stand offering such speeds to our clients. It wasn’t all that bad though the CPU was clocking a FAT 4.2GHz when idle and 12 freaking cores so performance wise not to shabby. – Although Finland didn’t give us good networking we are looking to replace our 3600s with some 3900s when the line arrives in Germany.

Upcoming nodes:

After that networking blow out we decided to go back to our old ways in the meantime and order 2 new Ryzen 5 3600s in replacment of BU-EU-4, creating BU-EU-4 and BU-EU-5 which all previous 3900 clients will be moved to. We feel that these machines are so well priced and so god damn reliable that we can’t get enough of them, we expect them to arrive in around 3-5 days. We will keep the 3900 until then

A 2nd i9 9900K node for Premium EU is planned for the next few weeks due to its huge popularity, it will be located in either France or Germany.

That’ll be all – Iceey,

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