Intel i9-9900K Minecraft servers released!

Heimsnet Hosting recently announced and released the Intel Core i9 9900K premium European minecraft hosting starting at just 1.50€/GB. One node (PR-EU-1) was released with the service containing 64 gigabytes of memory and a terabyte of swift NVMe storage making it the most powerful server at Heimsnet’s disposal.

The recently announced service sold out after just 5 hours of activity with clients such as Leiton and RageX taking huge portions of the node.

Heimsnet is planning on restocking the service in mid may by bringing in a second node, on that note we’d like want to remind you that the AMD Ryzen 5 3900 Finland based BU-EU-4 node will be dropping in the next few days. (pricing stays the same as 3600)

That’ll be all – Iceey.

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